Making statements with their Roda SL


Who says your "boss lady" has to be boring?


Making a statement even when going to work with "Evonemo"


Friends that slay together with the Alewo sling bag.


Saying the name out loud with the statement clutch


looking chic with the mini "Abisola"


A well rounded sophistication with the 'Amina" bag 

Roda Sl

Who said mummy can't rock her Roda?

Roda Sl

Looking like a Supermodel with her green "Abike"

Roda Sl

Roda "Brolly" glams up even the simplest styles

Roda Sl

When our "Alewo" goes for a day of sailing

Roda SL Tote

Rockin' her Roda SL Tote like the Boss she is!

Roda Sl

When you completely glam up with the "Brolly"

Roda Sl

"Abike" + Heels = Slaying!

Roda Sl

The "Body Shopper" reporting for duty at The Office.

Roda Sl

Lady in black with the Large Tote.....Fashion!!